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Harry Shotta & SASASAS In South Korea!!!!

After Shotta’s solo tour of New Zealand and Australia and a tremendous showcase at the legendary Pirate Station event in Russia, Harry and the SASASAS team travelled over to South Korea for a groundbreaking performance at the 5tardium event in South Korea. Carrying the torch for Drum N Bass around the world, the live show blew the crowd away leaving the door wide open for SASASAS to travel back to Asia in the future for more shows. The team were astounded and humbled with the support and love at the festival and can’t wait to return to deliver their newfound fan base more fire in the new future….

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Harry Shotta & Erb N Dub Release Their ‘Spanner In The Works’ EP!!!

Harry Shotta & Erb N Dub have now dropped their new six track EP ‘Spanner In The Works’.

They decided to combine forces to bring you an EP with a rollercoaster of DNB influenced sounds and breathtaking flows, this six track EP is pushing boundaries and taking vocal Drum N Bass into new and exciting territory. Combining Hip Hop style lyrical content with credible DNB production has been a vision Harry has longed to bring to the audience for quite some time and is proud to unleash this sound with this new EP.

You can download or stream it here:


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Big Shout To Bose!

Big shout to Bose for sending me these amazing Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses.

An incredible immersive experience of rich sounds while others hear practically nothing.

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Harry Shotta drops a 360/Virtual Reality Video on SBTV!!!

Harry Shotta has dropped a brand new 360/Virtual Reality music video entitled ‘Virtual Insanity’ on SBTV directed by Rich Mitchell.

Lyrically, Harry questions the line between real and virtual worlds and the social implications of new technology. The video takes you on a journey from the real world to a virtual dreamlike landscape where Harry breaks down the subject matter with a barrage of lyrical insights & flows.

The Cyber-City fly-through was a combination of a high fidelity procedurally generated city and a full facial motion capture of Shotta, applied to a monumental digital sculpture, built by VR legend OliVR.

All of this was achieved by utilising the cinematic 360 power of current game production technology, Unity 3D, the backbone of the most of games played today; from indy productions to AAA blockbusters. These technologies are the storytelling tools of the future and Monkey Science is at the forefront of harnessing their potential.

Please watch this with a VR headset, Google Cardboard will work – You have to experience it in 3D to get the full immersion…..

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The recent SAS-SAS Australian & New Zealand tour saw Harry and the team fly 27,000 miles as they spread the DNB gospel over some incredible festivals during the festive period performing alongside huge acts such as Cardi B, Vince Staples & Sigma.
The guys bought in 2019 in front of over 20,000 fans at the Rhythm & Vines Festival in New Zealand ending the tour on a huge high.

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