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Animal: The First Single from the Harry Shotta Show Album!

The first single from the Harry Shotta Show album is out now!!! This record breaking release is a testament to Harry’s ferocious double time delivery & highly energised flow patterns. It has beaten Eminem’s record on Rap God of most words in a song with 1,771 words compared to Em’s effort of 1,560 words.

To buy the single now click here!!!





8 June 2015 News Read more

Special Edition Pump Audio Earphones

Happy to announce I’ll be launching my own Special Edition Pump Audio Earphones!!! Get on the early bird list to be notified when they are ready and receive a significant discount on them!!!

Sign up: http://pump-audio.com/HarryShotta/

25 February 2015 News Read more

Harry Shotta wins Bass Music Award!!!

Harry Shotta won an award for best live performance alongside Rednek & Harvey at the Bass Music Awards.

Thanks to all the voters! This is Harry’s fourth prestigious award in music, thanks to the supporters for the continued support. Check out the video of the performance here!

3 December 2014 News  Video Read more

Scene Smasher [P110]

I’ve been wanting to jump on P110 for a while now. They really have been putting in work so I knew I had to bring something special and unique to the channel. I chose to go quite deep with the lyrical content on this one and bring a mixture of flows to the table. There’s some mad tongue twisters and rhyme patterns woven into the bars and I feel this video and performance is a great representation of me as an MC and were I’m heading in 2015.

15 November 2014 Video Read more

Fire In The Booth [DnB/ BBC Radio 1Xtra]

When Charlie Sloth called me saying that he wanted me to do the first ever Drum N Bass Fire in the Booth for his show on Radio 1 and 1xtra that weekend I was excited. But at the same time the pressure was on. MY first FITB was received so well and I knew this one would be judged against it. Plus, there are a lot of misconceptions among people who don’t listen to DNB that all the MC’s do is chat a bunch of diggedy wiggedy nonsense on the mic and don’t make any sense or have any lyrical content. Now we know this isn’t true but I know it’s a common perception people outside of the Drum N Bass scene seem to have about DNB MC’s. So I wanted to go up there and show them that lyrically we can do this. I also wanted to come with a bunch of mad flows and try to deliver a flawless performance that even if you didn’t like DNB you couldn’t argue with. This meant me spending the whole week practicing and working out what bars I wanted to spit on the show. I picked beats I thought I could shine on and went to work. I actually wrote a load of new bars for the first section of the session and made it by task to perfect them in the short time I had. When it was time to hit the BBC studios I felt ready. As soon as I got into the performance Charlie was loving it so I really got into my stride and went as hard as I could. The response since from people outside of the DNB scene like Giggs, Ms Dynamite and K Koke has been mental!

16 August 2014 Video Read more

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