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Welcome to the online shop for everything Harry Shotta related. This is the spot where you can purchase exclusive mixtapes, merchandise and my book ‘Twelve Months’. Have a look round ad make sure you come back as we will be adding new products on the regular!



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  • At Jazz Cafe with my princess about to watch thehellip
  • Good vibes at Glastonbury If your here come check mehellip
  • Just landed at Glastonbury with my bro
  • Fun  Games in Brick Lane
  • On the 16th September we are coming together to celebratehellip
  • Cant believe the sad news about Prodigy One of thehellip
  • At the Kool G Rap show with my bro Jordanhellip
  • On stage at Detonate Festival sasasas
  • Massive salute to Blade for inviting me on the stagehellip
  • Family BBQ with my sisters

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