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Fire In The Booth [DnB/ BBC Radio 1Xtra]

When Charlie Sloth called me saying that he wanted me to do the first ever Drum N Bass Fire in the Booth for his show on Radio 1 and 1xtra that weekend I was excited. But at the same time the pressure was on. MY first FITB was received so well and I knew this one would be judged against it. Plus, there are a lot of misconceptions among people who don’t listen to DNB that all the MC’s do is chat a bunch of diggedy wiggedy nonsense on the mic and don’t make any sense or have any lyrical content. Now we know this isn’t true but I know it’s a common perception people outside of the Drum N Bass scene seem to have about DNB MC’s. So I wanted to go up there and show them that lyrically we can do this. I also wanted to come with a bunch of mad flows and try to deliver a flawless performance that even if you didn’t like DNB you couldn’t argue with. This meant me spending the whole week practicing and working out what bars I wanted to spit on the show. I picked beats I thought I could shine on and went to work. I actually wrote a load of new bars for the first section of the session and made it by task to perfect them in the short time I had. When it was time to hit the BBC studios I felt ready. As soon as I got into the performance Charlie was loving it so I really got into my stride and went as hard as I could. The response since from people outside of the DNB scene like Giggs, Ms Dynamite and K Koke has been mental!

16 August 2014 Video

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