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Harry Shotta & SASASAS In South Korea!!!!

After Shotta’s solo tour of New Zealand and Australia and a tremendous showcase at the legendary Pirate Station event in Russia, Harry and the SASASAS team travelled over to South Korea for a groundbreaking performance at the 5tardium event in South Korea. Carrying the torch for Drum N Bass around the world, the live show blew the crowd away leaving the door wide open for SASASAS to travel back to Asia in the future for more shows. The team were astounded and humbled with the support and love at the festival and can’t wait to return to deliver their newfound fan base more fire in the new future….

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Harry Shotta is now an In Game Character on ‘The Fast Lane’

‘Space Ape’ have just launched their brand new game ‘Fast Lane’ & Harry Shotta is included as a character alongside some of the worlds biggest gaming You Tubers. Speaking on his Instagram Harry said ‘it’s crazy to think you start off spitting bars in your bedroom and you end as a character in a computer game. The journey is mad!’. To launch the game ‘Space Ape’ organised an amazing bus party on which Harry performed alongside long time collaborator ‘Erb N Dub’. The bus rolled through central London bringing vibes to the streets with an image of Harry & other You Tubers painted across it. Make sure you download the game, it’s out now!!!

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Harry Shotta Links Up with Troll Station to run a Illegal Drum N Bass Rave on the London Underground!!!

Harry recently hooked up with on-line pranksters ‘Troll Station’ to run a Drum N Bass rave on the Bakerloo line in London. Alongside Disco Boy & Jarvis, Harry treated the commuters to a full on rave experience on their journey home from work. The stunt sent got the whole country talking with the likes of The Guardian, The Sun & The Daily Mail all reporting on the story which warmed the hearts of people of all ages and backgrounds across the UK. The video currently has over 7 million views on Facebook. To check the video on YouTube just click above!


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The Harry Shotta Show Reaches Number 5 in the National Dance Charts!!!

The Harry Shotta Show album ‘Its Showtime’ recently was released & reached number 5 in the National Dance Music Charts. Speaking of the album’s success Shotta said,
‘So we finished at Number 5 in the National Dance Music Album Charts this week with no major label, no big PR campaign….. Big love to all the supporters, everyone who bought the album, everyone who posted about it & all the team behind the scenes, thank you….. This is only the beginning’.
You can download the album from here:
It’s Showtime by Harry Shotta Show

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Harry Shotta teams up with Arsenal Fan TV to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Harry recently linked up with Arsenal Fan TV & some of their most notorious characters ‘MR DT’, ‘Heavy D, ‘Troopz’ and ‘Robbie Lyle’ to record Clash Of The Season’. The single & video are both available on March 30th & all proceeds from the single will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.
Grab your copy here:

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