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Blast The Beat Freestyle (Prod. by Majistrate)

This Freestyle does exactly what it says on the tin. I found a wicked beat from Majistrate, linked Frenzy who runs the Blast The Beat channel, he pressed record on the camera and this is how it went down. Straight spitting and Drum N Bass bars for those who like it raw.

25 February 2013 Video Read more

I’m Flying (ft. Paris) [Music Video]

This particular song is very personal to me. I can remember the producer Mista Driscoll playing it to me and from the second I heard the piano my ears pricked up and I felt a reaction. When I heard Paris’s vocal which she had already put down in his home studio it was game over! I had known her for years and she could sing from when she was thirteen. But this was different now. I could hear her emotion even more. I could hear the pain and her life experience through the vocal. She had been through so much in her life and you could really hear it in her tone. My challenge was to marry that emotion in my rap bars but due to things going in my personal life at the time I was able to hit the pad and come with something poignant and raw enough to go alongside the production and Paris’s vocals.

15 February 2013 Video Read more

F64: Harry on SBTV

This is without a doubt my deepest video online. I had to dig deep and unearth some painful childhood memories, clean out the closet and use the performance and writing of the bars as therapy. I wanted to show the listeners that no matter what you go through in life there is light at the end of the tunnel. This is why I start to rap about things in a broader way as the song builds to its crescendo. When I say ‘who are they to judge what average is, kids in garage’s writing modern day poetry, want my analysis, the weak become the strongest overcoming their paralysis’ I’m using my own personal story to show that no matter what anyone tries to do to bring you down, and tower over you, you can eventually turn those weakness’s into great strengths.

4 December 2012 Video Read more

Fire In The Booth [Hip Hop/ BBC Radio One]

I spent a good week indoors going over and over those three pieces for my ‘Fire In The Booth.’ It’s one thing writing new bars, going to the studio and reading them off the I Pad or the lappy, but to have to learn nearly fifteen minutes of new material isn’t the easiest task. I am a perfectionist so I didn’t want any slip ups or flops on the show. It turned out that all the practice hours paid off. As I performed my first track on the show, Charlie was letting off his selected sound effects as points of praise and I could see he was feeling the performance. By the end of the session I had received some serious big ups from one of the biggest DJ’s in the UK and when it was broadcast and put up on You Tube fans and fellow artists were equally forthcoming with their admiration for my ‘Fire In The Booth’.

4 December 2012 Video Read more

Behind Barz [Link Up TV]

When I watch this performance it takes me back to exactly how I felt at that time of my life. I can remember getting the beat sent through from Rees and literally immersing myself in the production for the rest of the day. I actually got into a lot more personal and deep autobiographical writing after this freestyle. I think it was the gateway to developing a whole new approach to spitting and expression and was truly the start of me opening up more in my music.

7 May 2012 Video Read more

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